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Submission to NaNoRenO 2021


Over video conference, Mara and her family celebrate the 2nd birthday of her nephew. Even though she cries over missing the magical moments of Mikel growing up due to COVID-19 restrictions in the Philippines, Mara’s Kuya only teases her for being almost 30 and still single.

Her family doesn’t know what they’re talking about! Who needs romance when Mara gets all the happiness she needs from watering pixelated plants, ranting to her online friends, and inhaling ice cream by the carton?

Love and all the melodrama it entails? Overrated! She wants none of it!


  • 11,300+ words
  • 5 endings
  • 2 routes



27-year-old freelance researcher working from home.

Bubble Tea Brewer Bros, the online game. Chatting on MatteApp. Ice cream.


Mara often bumps into this person in the elevator.

Likes: Avoiding eye contact.


Frontline worker who mans the fruit stall.

Likes: Explaining the different varieties of apples.



  1. Who is your favorite character?
  2. What is your favorite ending?
  3. Any other thoughts or questions?

Thank you so much for playing!

See the Lemma Soft forum thread here.


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hi, can I upload on YouTube i give you full credit on your game. 

Sure, playthrough or Let's Play videos are welcome! Please do share the link to the video. Thanks!


God, I played this game while on lockdown and it really filled up the void I had from all the disconnection with the world. This is such an amazing game I wish it was longer. I love the art, the dialogue, the personalities, everything is fantastic! 10/10 would recommend it to anyone who is a hopeless romantic in real life,  like me!!!

Warms my heart to hear that! As a writer, my goal has always been to make at least one other person in the world feel less alone. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on our VN! <3


Aw. I just finished all routes. I really, really enjoyed them. I wish my boyfriend had such romantic, genuine, and sweet lines like Jian. That was some beautiful language, he had. He's a lot smoother than he thought, haha. Anyway, I loved them both, and would totally play more of both of them. This was super cute and well-done. Thank you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to play all the routes and share your thoughts!


Amazing game!! I def fell in love with Jian. T-T

Thank you very much!

Is this on Android? Pllsssss I neeeddddd to playyyyyy itttttt

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Very cool game, i got all the endings and love the artstyle :))

Thank you! Happy you enjoyed it.



Thank you!




I already played this a while ago, but still think it deserves more recognition. Such a cute game in an all too relatable setting! Really enjoyed it.

Thank you for sharing this Let's Play! I'll definitely have to check it out.

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Covid cannot stop you from falling in love with people (´,,•ω•,,) Honestly I was pretty hyped up to play this considering Mara is Filipino too! Gra... uhh... their route was not what I thought it would be ( ´ºωº` ) Nonetheless, I enjoyed it! ( ´ ω ` )


Thank you very much!


This was really cute. :)


Thank you! :)

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okay so i downloaded this game without looking at the description cause i immediately fell in love with the art style !!!! I didn't realize that this was set in philippines until they said kuya and i was shocked and got so excited. im only a few mins in and already am in love !!!!! 

update: I FINISHED IT !!! this was such a heartwarming game. im certain ill end up playing this again cause gosh that was so comforting !!! Not only that but also the music was so chill and relaxing, i really love the menu ost. 

I can't decide who was my favorite character, they all were so lovable, but i will say tho that tenant was my favorite ending cause it just made me feel really complete but as well as the fact that was the first ending i had got. This was an amazing game thank you so much.

Thank you for playing! Yes, the apartment tenant seems to be the near-universal favorite character based on the feedback I've gotten. :)


This is an adorable little game! The writing and the dialogue is super fun, and the art is so warm and cozy. Both of the love interests are fantastic, and I loved them so much! (I thiiiiink the Apartment Tenant is my favorite though. Gotta love a sweet gamer. <3 I love the Grocery Clerk's questions though!)

The covid/lockdown setting is so relatable with all we've been through over the last couple years. I also loved the gender discussion, discussion of mental health, the mentions of covid safety, the diversity of the LIs, and that the game was set in the Philippines! The game itself is really lovely to look at, as the art is so soft and pretty as is the UI.

It took me about an hour to play the game and pick up all endings, and that time was full of warm fuzzies and giggles. I definitely recommend picking this up for a quick playthrough! <3

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a detailed comment! Very much appreciated.


So far I've played Jian (Apt. Tenant) happy route and it was so sweet. Their first (conscious ig you'd call it) meet up was adorable. I would have dashed away too if I met someone I've for so long out in front of my apt, mainly due to my very similar socializing skills to Jian. I did feel the ending was kind of abrupt with the flash forwarding of their relationship but it was still fun to play ending 5. I'll play the grocer's happy route tomorrow. Gg <3

Yes, I understand what you mean about the endings being abrupt. This VN was released for a jam so I had to scale things back to enable myself to finish writing it on time! I'm glad you had a good experience, nonetheless. :)

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I re played it again xD gosh, I absolutely love the art, it was good. The face mask of Mara is adorable too lolol. I also enjoyed the plot. I laughed when doing Apartment Tenant's route (≧▽≦) he was freaking adorable. I also like the bgm. I actually listened to it couple of hours while reading books lol. Its rare to see Filipino games here. Im also a Filipino myself so I do enjoyed this even more. This is probably the 3rd that I've encountered so far. As Mara is, I also misjudged Grocery Clerk *cough* I was surprised to know the truth (≧▽≦)

I'm happy you liked the art, the plot, and the music! I've included Filipino elements in all the VNs I've written so far, as it's one of my goals to increase the visibility of Filipino VNs on this website. :)


That was intriguing

Deleted 307 days ago

I've read loads of BL manga and manhwa in my comic-reading days, but not the one you mentioned. Maybe I'll check it out the next time I get a comic-reading kick!

And thank you for taking the time to comment on our VN. :)


oh I haven't played this but it seems great- the character designs are cute and I like how the MC is Pinoy (considering the description and if im not wrong-) ill edit this when I do play it! 

Yes, the characters are from the Philippines and the story is set there! Do let us know what you think when you get the chance to play it. :)


This was a very well written story. I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work! 

Thank you so much! Excited to check out this Let's Play!


why do they message each other like 14 year olds


Others : *Normal playing*
Me : *Shipping the guys*

i love your pfp :D


ty! :D


Haha, I hope you had a fruitful shipping experience! Thanks for playing! :)

gladly! :]

i just- every time someone mentioned something i was like; "G A Y"


I was so invested in this vn that I finished all the routes in less than one hour LMAO. But really, it's so good - the aesthetic of it, the songs, the comments about our current situation on pandemics and ofc, the funny remarks about gender jail (I'll never get over this, I swear). I can't choose between Jian or Grey- oops, Grace - , they're my babies. Thank you so much for making my day a bit more happy with your game!

Thank you for playing! Glad this game brightened your day. :)

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good visual novel , it was fun to play :) great job :)

i am not sure how to get all ending , i only got 2 and 5 :)


Hello! If you need help getting the other endings, you can check out the official walkthrough here.


thank you :)


I've been playing otome games since I was 11, and now I'm 20. It's really nice to find games like these that have young adult characters cause I'm not entertained by high school stuff anymore (i'm getting old fr T.T) Also, the best thing about this is it was set in my fav city HAHAHAHA yes I'm Filipino too and I really relate on a lot of things on this game. 

my favorite ending was ending 5 ofc and fav character is Jian, but I also really enjoyed ending 3 cause it was the first ending that I got, and I was shookt with the twist and ngl but my bi self was happyyyyy hahaha

anw, it's really good that I discovered this. This game was pretty short but I really liked it. I'll support you on your next projects as well <3333 I don't really have friends irl who like VNs so just playing something relatable is enough for me. THANK YOU!!!

How do I get the 3rd ending? I got all the other endings but I can't get the 3rd one.

Hello! I posted an official walkthrough here, if you need help getting the third ending.


Tysm!! Btw I loved the game!

No problem! :)


I especially love reading comments from fellow Filipino VN / otome game appreciators! So glad you found this relatable. Bi/pan Filipino solidarity. 🌈

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This game make me got a cup of ice cream.

The aesthetic of the game and the art are lovely. The gui design too, but the text was kind of hard to read.

Episode 1! I'm going to start exploring the romance on the next episodes!

Edit: Add the description for what is this video.


Episode 2~

Well there we go with Gray! Or is it Grey??? Oh silly me it's- no spoiler~

It's a simple romantic interaction but it's lovely enough for me~


Final Episode! My goal was to unlock the cg's ending! I thought Grace story didn't have a cg ending but it turns out I'm just doing it wrong. Both Grace and Jian ship with Mara is so cuteeee I can't decide which want I should ship~

Anyway saying what I've been saying for quite a while, the aesthetic and the music is simply lovely. But on a few notes I feel like Mara sprite quality isn't too high, that's not a huge problem though! But just make it hard to get a good quality crop for thumbnails or editing. Also I feel the story ends too fast, not like it's a bad thing, more like, I want more!

That's all! Keep creating game and do what you love! No need to heed my comment~


Thank you so much for taking the time to play this, as well as for linking your playthrough videos! <3

If you need any help translating this to spanish, I'm not versed on coding but can do the "dialog" part ^^ GL with everything and cheers!

Deleted post

Thank you so much for taking the time to play and comment on this VN!

Hello Ilyilaice! Do you have an email where I can contact you? I'd like to talk to you about the possibility of translating Loveless on Lockdown into Spanish :)


1.  Favorite Character: The main one.  (It's hard to pick, as I like all of them... Including their designs!)

2.  Endings 3 + 5

3.  I am new to the website and this is the first comment I had ever made here...  Oh and definitely keep up the good work!  We all look forward to more good things...  As this VN brightens even the gloomiest of days.  :D


Happy to hear that you think this VN can brighten gloomy days! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback.


I really like your game. Small, fun and with beautifull graphic. And the music is really nice too, bubbly and all ! Thank you !

  1. Who is your favorite character?

Appartment tenant to the go ! Mysterious man are my weakness. So fluffy and cozy. He remind me a love  one ^^

2. What is your favorite ending?

The first I had, the 5th. It was nicely done, without too much drama or difficulties. And yeah ... I had a bias because I met my SO almost like Mara so ... =p

3. Any other thoughts or questions?

SPOILER (for anyone who didn't play all the game)

Like I said, I met my beloved one online, on a old site where we can share art. We had a loooong friendly relationship (almost 10 years) online before meeting in real and, the rest is history. So the story with Jian and Mara was so reconforting, like almost playing my life ... except I'm the Jian in the history XD. I wanted to hug him soooo much, like the little treasure he is.

I have a question about him and Mara. He said he bumped in her several times. Did he ever tought about her being his online friend ? I mean, he surely saw she buy a lot of ice cream or some of her stories ring a bell ?

Wow, that's such a sweet and romantic story about you and your beloved! Thank you so much for sharing that! <3

To answer your question, he did bump into Mara numerous times because they live close to each other, but being a socially anxious introvert who was often lost in his own world, he didn't pay much attention to her or to most other people around him. So no, he never guessed that they were online friends until the big reveal.

Thank you for taking the time to comment!


1. Apartment Tenant

2. Ending 5

3. It's so soft and sweet. It's a really nice game and I love it a lot-

Thank you for taking the time to play this!


1. "Grocery Clerk" for sure!!

2. Ending 3 👀

3. Thank you!! This was short and sweet!

Thank you so much!

(1 edit) (+1)

I just finished Jian's route (Accepting the Video Invite) and heck, I'm almost sobbing. 

I'll admit that the only reason I downloaded this game was cause some of my online friends are Filipino and I was interested in a cute slice of life VN after going deep into fantasy. But immediately, that scene in the elevator got to me-- As someone who's ethnically Chinese and struggles with her mental health, I related to Jian so much. That elevator scene was one of my nightmares, just under being beaten up by racists and bigots (even though it's highly unlikely). So of course, I had to defend him, because that's what I would want someone to respond if I were in his position. Jian and Mara's relationship is so cute and exactly what I want in life. 

Time to explore all of Jian's endings and do Gray's too <3

Edit: I am in pain trying to do Gray's route because I'm too much like Jian and hate social situations lol

Thank you for playing this! I sincerely hope that you're doing okay. <3


OH MY GOD FINALLY A FILIPINO VN AND IT'S SET IN THE PHILIPPINES 😩🙏 my filo heart cant take this aaaaaaaa i love the game sm im literally gonna cry


Of course! As a Filipino, I try to make all of my VNs have close ties to the Philippines. <3


I love this. Well written and funny and very slice of life. I like Jian a lot and want to give him hugs. I don't like the mom badgering her but I get that is does happen a lot. My brother would stick up for me though:)

Overall, very cute and well done!


Aww, your brother must be awesome, then! <3 Thanks for taking the time to play this!

  1. My fav is the main, funny enough ^^' also J was likable, it reminds me of my best internet friend :)
  2. The 4th, safe hugs, is by far the one I like more ^^
  3. I guess I only say this cuz I'm a bicc lesbian, but maybe having a girl as a love interest would have been the cherry on top uwu would prob still prick safe hugs as fav ending! owo
SPOILERS (there is a girl as an option it's Gray)



plz put me in gender jail I feel like an idiot XD


I think you can come out now on good behaviour :)


I feel ya. All of the visual novels I've written so far have featured sapphic relationships / pining in some way. <3 Queer representation is important to me too. <3


Thanks for your work really, you're awesome! ^^


Just did my first playthrough. Thank you for this. I jumped on the Wallflower route immediately because... well, I've been in a long distance friendship/flirtation with a gaming buddy for years, and I think it's permanently impacted my idea of romance. Late nights swapping in game items and instant messages in an MMO is an achingly familiar dynamic. We were supposed to finally meet in person last year but ahahaha WELP.

Fantasizing about a world where I could have been lucky enough to find out we lived in the same building is a bittersweet little bit of wish fulfillment that was nice to indulge in. 

(... that same RL online other is right now messaging me to gently remind me that I'm up too late, a service we provide each other across time zones. XD I'll pass on the link before we say goodnight. Thank you for keeping me up playing this.)

That is such a sweet and wholesome story. <3 Thank you so much for sharing it. I'm glad that this story provided a bit of an escape for you. I hope you're doing well!


i love this game so much i just had to try and get all endings and i loved every single one! thank you so much for this amazing game <3

Thank you for taking the time to play it!


that was a cute game =) refreshing to see a game on covid ^^

Thank you!


Really cute and interesting game, the design for the menus and the characters is beautiful, the music is so bubbly and goes really well with the story it just kinda makes me happy. I won't spoil anything but I loved how they met and all this little destiny things that brought them together.

I love the apartment tenant, so cute, I also really liked how we get to make a lot of decisions even if they seem to be in the little things, it makes it all the more fun than just reading along. Great game!

Thank you for sharing your playthrough! I sincerely enjoyed watching this! Hearing your thoughts before making each choice was interesting. 

I really admire people who make Let's Play's, because I imagine this takes a lot of energy. Keep it up! And greetings to your dog!


This game was adorable! I had such a blast reading it tonight, and it definitely helped save my Sunday evening.

Getting all the endings wasn't much trouble and the art and music were really nice.

Thank you! I'm pleased you liked the art and music.


hey, can anyone help me get ending 2, please. I've been trying to get this for ages

Hello! I posted an official walkthrough here. Thanks for reaching out!


thank you xx

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