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Submission to NaNoRen02019

This paranoid fever dream of a story explores the direct impact and consequences that a person's choice of fantasies and daydreams can have on real life.


  • 10,000+ words
  • 2 main "routes"
  • 9 endings

Mild sexual themes and internalized homophobia, just as one would expect from the POV of a 14-year-old girl who comes from a religious and conservative background, and who must now navigate the murky waters of her own confusing sexuality.



The narrator. The player cannot control her compulsion to daydream, but can control what she dreams about. Likes: stories, both inside and outside her head.

Bee's best friend, who leads her not-so-gently into the wild world of BxB love. Likes: smutty fanfiction and the piano.

Bee's other best friend, tasked with the unenviable job of kicking Bee's chair whenever she falls asleep in class. Likes: video games and villains.

Bee's elder sister, who is top of her class in nursing school. Likes: martial arts choreography and her boyfriend.

A boy who possesses an arsenal of powers, including shapeshifting, invisibility, and super speed. Likes: ???



  1. What did you think of Bee as a narrator?
  2. What was your favorite ending?
  3. Any other questions/feedback?

Thank you so much for playing!


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Development log


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What did you think of Bee as a narrator?

Bee is good narrator.

 Being teeneger is not easy BUT 
It's hard to be the only one gay person in strict family, I guess. Especially when even you don't accept this fact. 

Her "ailment" making her  day-dream a lot is very interesting too. 

What was your favorite ending?

"Head in the clouds". The CG was very cute. They'd be great couple if they'd dating. But it'd would require Bee to disocver her sexual orientatation, make coming out and confess to her feelings. 

I like games with a lot of choices, routes and a lot of endings (including bad ones). i didn't get all the endings but probably none of the is satisfying end of Bee's story. Maybe you should create next part?

Any other questions/feedback?

I don't know why but BGs add stong depressive vibe to de game. The are too gray, weathered and devoid of colors. You could find better ones or draw them by yourself or find someone to do it. They are the biggest flaw of the game.

You should work on choosing better angles of BGs to look good with sprites.  It looks bad.  Some of them don't even fit to the first-person-view.

Interesting characters with interesting personalities. The story is a bit lineal

I realy like the UI. Sprites are good. 

Dialogues are ok, a bit chaotic but ok. And unusual font doesn't help with reading. Especially if someone has dyslexia (I don't). I know, you wanted it look like hand-writed but you could find something "more readable".

Most of the scenes are ok and more-less well-written but some of them are a bit too-daring (in example Bee's dirty fantasies).

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate the constructive criticism, and I will keep all these points in mind for next time. 

How many endings are you still missing? There are nine endings in total. If you would like to access a walkthrough, let me know. I could quickly write one up. 

I got only  3 endings but that's enough for now ;) . I was interested only in yuri route

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What did you think of Bee as a narrator?

I recognize her as what literature teachers call an "unreliable narrator" because of her internalized homophobia. It does not make me dislike her, though. 

What was your favorite ending?

FanFiction.Net. Probably because I'm a bit of a writer myself and related to the "find someone who understands me through my writing" part. 

Any other questions/feedback?

The art caught my attention while I was doing my "scour Itch for the latest VNs" session. 

I also liked the glossary bit, since I decided to collect VNs that offer deliberate cultural glimpses. It's nice to find one from my own country.

The writing is also pretty good. It feels more deliberate than other VN scripts. 

It was a little hard to get into the anime bits, though. Maybe write less in "complete" sentences in order to convey Bee's emotions? I find her reactions to the anime more important to the story and easily more engaging compared to her narration of the anime. 

I appreciate your treatment of Bee's sexuality in the context of a conservative culture. Sensitive but from the perspective of someone who's affected by the culture herself.

I consider this game to have a good replay value. A number of the endings have to do with being "out". While repetitive, they're far from redundant. They emphasize a point and I think players like me could see the point clearly: The concern of getting "outted" without your consent is recurrent. They're everyday situations with high stakes. 


I also noticed that you did a little bit of self-/team evaluation in your Dev Log. I'm not sure how often other devs do that, since the logs I read tend to be about updates, but regardless, that's really commendable of you. Welcome to game dev-ing and hope to hear more from your team~

Thank you very much for the thoughtful and constructive feedback! It's wonderful to hear from a fellow VN enthusiast from the Philippines. Both the artist and I are Filipino as well. 

Since I'm always searching for more diversity and inclusivity in games, I'll have to check out the other VNs in your collection of cultural glimpses. Filipino Catholic schoolgirl culture in particular has always fascinated me, so I was eager to explore that. It's a pity I couldn't do a deep dive into it given the limited time frame taking place in the story, but I may delve into it further in future games. Perhaps even in a sequel? We'll see. 

Thanks once again for taking the time to read this.